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I’m broadcasting the original “52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing” live on my Internet Radio Station.

Managed WordPress Hosting and Internet Marketing TrainingThese 52 Secrets are a hidden gem, a blast from the past – that you can still use in your business today!

If you’re new to WordPress and marketing online and can’t figure out why your web site isn’t generating the revenues you want online then you should definitely listen to today’s show:

52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing

The show is streaming live at 6 PM Eastern every Wednesday.    Visit the link above for the events page and select the media player icon to start the stream.

If you miss today’s show you’ll have to wait another full week!

To tune in select the icon for the media player you want to listen with.  Remember as well that you can enjoy instant access to the entire Internet Marketing Video Library of 1000 video tutorials that teach you how to get the most out of WordPress AND sell online when you host a WordPress Site with us.

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James Maduk is the founder of WPBlogSupport.com as well as the author of the 62 Best Selling "Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing" ebooks. James also runs WPGrow.com a WordPress Campus with Courses, Workshops and Certification for WordPress Bloggers who want to Start, Build and Grow there WordPress Powered business online.

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