This Course Has Been Stolen The Most

Out of all the books I’ve written and courses I’ve created, this one is has been stolen, passed around and otherwise hacked more than anything I’ve published!

Get Ranked 1st On Google contains 30 step-by-step lessons that became the basis of my Hub and Spoke Marketing system.   This weekend I dusted this $97 course off and after going through it I was reminded how far ahead of it’s time the whole entire Hub and Spoke idea was.

Get Ranked 1st On Google Today

While some of the ideas I shared are no longer valid (eg. the stuff on meta tags) the balance of the course and my Hub and Spoke process still works well even by today’s tough SEO standards.

Click on the link above to take a quick look at the lesson list.   I’ve made it available for just $27 at the Online Selling University Campus.

If you have a FullContact Sites Managed WordPress Hosting Account or you are a student at the Online Selling University – the Get Ranked 1st On Google Course is Free

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