Google Tools and Networks for Mobile Marketers

You need a Live account AND a Google account for this system to work… so don’t get hung up on which one is better.  It’s like the mobile smartphone you use, I don’t really care which one ( although the easiest is Windows WP7 smartphone) you use you still need one.

Description: Google has bunch of tools you can use to build you business especially if you are a mobile smartphone user.  This of course includes the Google+ Social Network AND sites like Youtube.  First things first though is a google account and a gmail email address.   The video goes through all the different tools you need, why you need them and most importantly how Google fits into the Mobile Marketer picture.

Additional thing to look for are the Google Alerts RSS feed function which we’ll use later on in the session

Watch The Video:

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Downloads:  MySmallBiz is Mobile MindMaps – Download

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