How Thumbidextrous Are You

smartphonesQuick update or newest product coming down the pipe…. Since the very beginning of my personal smartphone journey I continue to be amazed by the differences between smartphone users.   Some people that I’ve talked to after taking the “thumbidextrous” quiz are obviously early adopters – scoring near perfect scores.   They are well verses on all the latest mobile marketing buzzwords and are using most of the features of their phones on a regular basis.

On the other hand I still find successful business people who are barely using their smartphone as a mobile phone.

Yet what amazes me most is the ages of the users.

At first I thought that the younger users would more “thumbidextrous”  – but as it turns out that isn’t always the case and this is what is giving me a great deal of enthusiasm for the new maps, videos and coaching for anyone who wants to be a real “mobile marketer”.

I attended a local networking event tonight and enjoyed the time I had talking to other business owners on how they were using their smartphones and what they were sharing when they were face to face with the people they serve.   Each time I meet another smartphone fanatic my excitement for this amazing mobile opportunity goes up another notch.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the mobile market in the next 30 days.  Stay tuned amd make sure to find out if you’re thumbidextrous .

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