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Smartphones and Mobile Marketing is changing the way we market online. Are you thumbidextrous and mobile?  Is your marketing mobile?

Description: The first mobile phone I had was attached to floor of my car AS WELL as the trunk!  Since that first phone I’ve seen more than my share of technologies and marketing tactics come and go.  But what excites me most is the return to the personal relationship.

A decent smartphone today gives you the opportunity to do almost everything you had to do on your home or office desktop WITH your customers and in REAL TIME.

The return to real time live interactions ONLINE and OFFLINE is the what makes marketing so exciting today.  Any event, any time, any where the simple process I’m going to show you in these videos give you access to a wealth of traffic from existing social sites AND more time to do what you do best.

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Downloads:  MySmallBiz is Mobile MindMaps – Download

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