How To Feed Your WordPress Blog

Did you know there’s a right and wrong way to add external content to your WordPress Blog?

Many inexperienced Bloggers use cheap script that dump a multiple copies of replicated content onto their blog.  With no consideration to content quality these scripts will autopost to your Blog with:

  • Poor quality posts
  • Poorly formatted
  • Without graphics
  • No control over the what gets posted
  • No control over how often or how many posts get added…

In the early days you’d find WordPress powered Blogs that were launched and a week later contain 1000 posts.  The add infested low quality posts were targeted at free search traffic but Google quickly caught on and banned the site from it’s index.

Does that mean that using a plugin to “feed” your WordPress Blog is a bad idea?

No, not if it’s done properly like I explain in this video tutorial that reveals:

The Right Way To Add Great Compelling External Content To Your WordPress Blog.

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