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How To Get Started Online – Download Pages

Description: Make sure your customers get what they ordered…

and you can continue with your sales funnel!

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This video includes some additional web site building tools and tips.   You’ll learn about html editors like “Kompozer”, FTP clients like “FileZillar” and the mechanics of selling information products online.

Understanding the process your customers go through when they purchase from you can have a deep impact in YOUR bottom line.

Setting up your downloads and order pages to the psychology of the purchase is a the difference between tiny and huge profits.  Take the time to learn from this module and apply what you learn to your online business.

Again if you haven’t taken the time to get started with a wordpress blog at least get get your hosting account setup.  Additional resources mentioned include:

MySmallBiz Resources:

Get Hosting | Build Your List | Register A Domain | Take Payments | Track Your Visitors | Broadcast Radio

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Additional Resources:  WordPress Themes | Setup A Blog Service | WordPress Plugins

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