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You’ve already seen a number of pages like this one before… Big claims of no work and easy money. I know I’ve seen my share, I first tried to earn money online in 1995!

It doesn’t matter when you started look for a system to generate the money you need to enjoy the lifestyle you want because my 16 years of experience makes this message the most important part of your online education!

I Hate Working At All This Web Stuff!

My name is James Maduk, and because I have a little less hair than most I can tell you that I’ve done my share of work, hard work just trying to get the basics covered for myself and my family. Like many Americans today I was working hard and STILL living paycheck to paycheck – and hardly getting by.

I grew up wanting the good life, dreaming of free time, loads of toys and extra cash yet a University Degree and too many jobs to count never brought me anywhere near to what I wanted.

From Self Employed to Fortune 500 Multinational, Venture Capital Funded Internet Startup to Consultant, I tried every opportunity I could find to make sure that I could provide for my family and have some money to retire.

I’m a Crappy Employee

Do you like being bossed around. I certainly don’t, a lesson it didn’t take too long to learn as I moved from job to job. At first I though it might be my Boss, you know they didn’t know how to manage but after some good and bad experiences following orders at work I realized that no matter where I was working the end of the month meant that I didn’t have any money left in my bank account and, I had to dip into my credit cards to make ends meet.

I didn’t like what I was doing, I didn’t like someone telling me what to do, I didn’t like having NO money, and most of all…

As I got older I was started worrying about the future. I didn’t worry about missing out on the toys I started getting scared about taking care of my wife and kids.

Then, when I thought things can’t get any worse, they did…

I won’t forget the exact day. It was a cold September morning when my Mom and I stepped out of the doctors office and on the the elevator. The stark reality of being told you had another 4-6 months to live has a funny way of quickly changing your perspective on what’s important.

All of a sudden my Mom’s Life changed… and mine did as well. How was I going to take care of my Mom and my family as she lived out her final months comfortably?

In and instant the one thing that I had to spend – MY TIME – was all used up. How was I going to earn more money to take care of my Mom and my family with a lot less time to do it?

We had to get setup quickly before my Mom wasn’t able to take care of herself and before I ran out of time experimenting on how to earn money without a job. Working for someone other than myself was no longer an option. With no time left I needed another way to make money immediately without using up any extra time. I quickly made up a quick checklist of all the things that I didn’t’ have time for…. and more importantly the things that I did!

What To Do When Your Back Is Against The Wall

I’m glad I took stock of my situation before I acted! Your first instinct is to “react” to the situation they’re in but I was lucky enough to have the support of my family to quickly take a look at the big picture.

I knew I had to make my Mom as comfortable as possible during the upcoming months and most importantly I knew where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing!

This Call Is For You If:

  • You have never run my own business before
  •  You have NO money for advertising
  • You have NO idea about registering domain names and hosting accounts
  • You have NO idea how to setup things like Web Sites and Blogs
  • You have NO idea how to sell things online
  • You have NO idea of What I could Sell online
  • You don’t have any way to take payments online
  • You are definitely Graphically Challenged
  • You have never heard about Autoresponders
  • You don’t have an email list or know how to start one
  • You don’t have any of my own products or services
  • You don’t know about affiliate marketing
  • You have NO idea what SEO and SEF stood for
  • You have NO existing business network to leverage
  • Split Testing was something you do in your jeans
  • You hate writing and being creative and most of all
  • You’re getting too old to learn new tricks

I started off this post reminding you that you’ve probable already read a page similar to this one before.

I also know that you might have already made an investment in another program and that any kind investment these days can be tough for a lot of people.  The timing may not be right for you and if that’s the case don’t worry, believe me, I understand.

Before you leave though I’d like you to think about one thing, the fact that you’re struggling with the decision to invest 60 minutes in yourself.  That’s the very reason you must act on this opportunity right now!


Because “Learning How To Get Started ONline” is the one life skill that that lifts you over the hurdles we’ve all faced.  Vault past any troubles your current financial situation has placed you in and make the TIME you need to enjoy the lifestyle you want available immediately.

Independence and the money you need to live the life you want is available to you but not if you turn your back to it…

If you don’t change how are things going to change for the better?  Take a risk free chance on you with a FREE 60 minute call to learn a plan that works…

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