How To Save All Your 404 Page Traffic

Get Traffic From Broken Links

Here’s a simple way to leverage your existing traffic and screw-ups.

Your WordPress Blog will have broken links.  There’s no getting around that, at some point you’ll change a category slug or page name and forget to update a custom menu item or link on a page or post.

That’s a for sure!

If you want to find out what happens to your visitors now if they find a broken link follow these 2 steps.

  1. Open a new browser window and browse to your domain name ie.
  2. after the .com  portion of the link add the following      /fdjkfdljsklf        so the url looks something like:     and then hit the return/enter key.

Most sites will get a useless 404 error page.  But if you try the link above on this site you’ll won’t see an ugly 404 page, try it it you don’t believe me.

There’s two simple ways to get around that…

Here’s a quick way to take advantage of all those broken links that will happen.  Install and activate this plugin: or relax and let the team at WPBlog Support do it for you.  Our Unlimited WordPress Support and Small Job Service takes care of this automatically at the server level AND we install and configur the plugin for you.

Once activated the “All 404 Redirect to Homepage” goes to work and can fix all your 404 error links by redirecting them to your homepage using the SEO 301 redirection.

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