I give Pinterest another month or two…

Social Media hype.

The latest example of overwhelming social media hype has to be for Pinterest. I give it another 30 to 60 days. Then everyone will be tired of it. So what if you can pin some photos up.

The internet marketing crowd is quickly ruining a good social idea. How do I know?

Take a look at the affiliate link invested crap pictures being pinned and your inbox and you’ll find a clue. Just today I received 6 emails, each pitching a different course on how to get rich with Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/ .

Nothing about running a real business, just how pinning pictures (picture spamming) is going to automatically create a consistent and predictable revenue stream!

Yeah Sure!

It’s hard to keep up with all the new and cool social media tools. You could turn it into a full time job if you wanted. I think that the number of new tools is really the big problem here and why sites like Pinterest won’t last.

Too many tools don’t help. Think of it this way. If you are a plumber you don’t need carpentry tools, even if they do look cool. That’s what happening to most small business owners I talk to, they need the mobile social media http://www.mysmallbizismobile.com/ tools that are appropriate to their line of work – NOT everyone’s line of work.

So while Pinterest is interesting and cool, some other flashy tool will soon be (Path perhaps) and the hype will shift again.

If you’re building a business pick the tools that are appropriate to the jobs and work you have to do!

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