Is this the oldest blog post?

I was going back over some of my Internet Marketing and Online business sites and came across what might be ” the oldest blog post on record“.

I’m sure it isn’t really but it gives you an idea on how far I’ve/We’ve come in 12 years.

Checkout the date on the first blog post I made.

My First Blog Post

It’s too bad I deleted all the other posts that were on this blog.  It would have been funny to see if the writing style has changed since way back then.  🙂 … and how much business all those posts would have made me with the affiliate and product links I had in them!

What’ even more amazing is the “virtualselling” handle on that Blog account.  The Domain is almost 18 years old!

Yes I registered it in 1996… that’s ages ago when you think about it.

What’s the take away from all this talk about blogging and domain names?   CONTENT – its’ your data exhaust, a by-product of your daily activities and the ability to automate it’s capture.   You’re spewing it out now, why not take advantage of the long term benefits of the content your creating.

Want to be considered an authority?

Want expert status?

Capture what you’re already doing, just like I did in my multimedia ebook 52 Products in 52 Days, How To Create Your Own Info Products.

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