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Today may not be your day, especially if you aren’t taking advantage of FullContact Sites Word Fence service.  There’s enough on your plate if you want to be selling online, who has time to make sure your site is secure from hackers and denial of service attacks right?

Every WordPress Blog at FullContactSites is protected by word fence and here’s why it’s important to your WordPress Managed Hosting Account.  Today Word Fence reported that they’re seeing the largest Brute Force login attack they’ve ever seen!

UPDATE on Feb 10th at 11am EST: We’re seeing a very large distributed brute force login attack currently underway with a 30 times increase in the volume of brute force attacks across WordPress websites running the WordPress.org software. The attack ramped up so quickly that we initially questioned the data we were seeing and immediately deployed code to verify that the reports we were receiving were accurate and not an attack on our own systems. Within a few seconds it became clear that the attack was in fact real and being reported from across the universe of WordPress websites.

Some definitions if you’re not in the InfoSec field: A brute force attack is when an attacker tries many times to guess your username password combination by repeatedly sending login attempts. A distributed brute force attack is when an attacker uses a large number of machines spread around the internet to do this in order to circumvent any blocking mechanisms you have in place.

WordFence will immediately block any attack originating from an IP address that has attacked other WordPress sites. This is an effective defense against this kind of attack.

We recommend that until this passes you monitor your WordPress websites closely for unusual activity including logins, account creation or changes to the public facing website.

If one WordPress site running Wordfence is attacked, the attacker is blocked and all other sites also running Wordfence block that attacker.   The WordPress security plugin provides real-time distributed protection as it learns from other sites that are attacked. It’s part of what makes us the best WordPress security plugin in the business. But that’s just the beginning of what we do to protect your site and help you recover from an attack.

Online Selling isn’t about keeping your WordPress blog up and running without being hacked it’s about earning money online.  Think of it this way, what would happen to your online sales if all your salespeople left?  What about if you weren’t able to provide the services you sell online because your site was being controlled by someone else?

Not fun!

What does this mean to you?

  1. Be smart when it comes to admin username and password section.  Take the time to create unusual admin names with real passwords that use the more than letters in lowercase!
  2. Use Managed WordPress Hosting services like FullContactSites who can make your WordPress Hosting hassle free.


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