Managed WordPress Hosting Bonuses

Your WordPress based web site is important — I get it.

Online Marketing Tools and SupportYour web site is your virtual salesperson, you count on your WordPress site and your creative hard work to persuade and influence your customers, to be there like a professional face to face person who’s there to explain your company message and YOUR personal passion.

At FullContact Sites we have the same goal, it’s our message and our passion too that we want to share and that’s exactly why we put together the most complete Managed WordPress Hosting package available online.   When I say complete I mean it.

I put together a short list of just some of the pieces in our system.  These pieces come from 18 years of online experience – my very first site was in 1994!

To have a site that’s filled with rich compelling and persuasive content, a site that has the right story for the right audience is what you do.  Our job is to remove all the work out of making sure that the site works the way you want it too and that marketing your business with the right sales processes that often overwhelm even the most experienced business owners and bloggers is easy.

So here’s what we do to make get rid of the technical blogging headaches that you’ll face so that you’ll enjoy the Best WordPress Hosting Experience ever.

Make sure that your WordPress Host does all these things for you:

  1. Uses Managed Performance WordPress Only Servers
  2. Secures Your WordPress Install
  3. Tests, Curates and Installs Your WordPress Plugins
  4. Keeps all Your Plugins and Themes Up to Date
  5. Manages Your Spam and Comment Spam
  6. Optimizes Your Sites Database
  7. Backs Up Your Content and Files
  8. Watches to Make Sure Your Site Is Up and Running
  9. Does Free Malware Removal
  10. Has WordPress Experts Available 24/7 for WordPress Support
  11. Provides Responsive Framework Support – Pagelines
  12. Prevents Brute Force Attacks on Your Site
  13. Does Daily Backups
  14. Scans For Malware Daily
  15. Makes Personal Backups Available
  16. Provides Sucuri Server Side Security Scanning
  17. Provides Multisite Support
  18. Provides Pro Domain Mapping
  19. Provides Unique IP and SSL Support
  20. Provides Instant Access To Over 1000 Internet Marketing Video Tutorials and WordPress Training
  21. Does Live WordPress Training Webinars….

You get the picture? FullContact Sites is a complete system that includes the tools, resources AND marketing support you’ll need to get your message out.  So if you’re serious about your business consider getting serious about where you host your Virtual Sales Person.

Focus on your business and let FullContact Sites be who you count on for Managed WordPress Hosting.

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