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How To Get Started Online – Membership Site Basics

Description: Getting paid monthly can make or break your business

… because a consistent recurring revenue gives you the freedom to build.

Think about it which would  you rather have?

  1. 1 million dollars or
  2. 1 penny that doubled every day for 30 days?

A membership site is much like the magic of the penny.  (figure out the math and you’ll see why)   You make one sale but that sale pays you repeatedly.

Compare that to a one time sale and additional benefits start to appear.   More sales mean more referrals.  More customers over time means tighter relationships and more trust for bigger sales.   More trust means more opportunities to sell other peoples products. and these are just a couple of quick things to consider about setting up your own membership program.

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Membership sites can be easy to setup… if you’ve learned the steps that we’ll teach you in this video.

This video is about the tools that you’ll need to create an automated membership system.   One that creates a steady flow of hands off recurring revenues.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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