MFM-04: Multimedia’s Dirty Little Secret

Multimedia’s Dirty Little Secret! –

Running Time: 12 Minutes

Description: This video was done in December of 05 !!!

Internet Marketers are making lots of noise when it the topic of internet marketing video comes up. I’ve spent some time on message boards watching the discussions about what format is better than theother, what media player should be used and how the videos should be presented.

I haven’t heard much about Multimedia’s Dirty Little Secret!

What’s that you ask?

Well after you’ve watched this video you’ll know exactly what it is. If you don’ t watch the video you’ll find out every 30 days.

Resources: This problem hasn’t gone away, in fact it’s more of a problem today – 4 years later. What has changed is the solution to the problem. There is an inexpensive way to server up your content and you’ll learn the secret when you becom a MySmallBizU member.

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