10 Key Mobile Social Media Strategies

Include these 10 key mobile social marketing strategies and you’ll be rewarde with new clients, more income and a bunch of free time!

Description: So how do all of these tools, services, applications fit together.  You have no doubt heard the buzzwords already but how do I get more business with Social Media from My SmartPhone?

Show me the money!

Here it is, the big picture with a birdseye view of how it all fits together.   The key pieces are layed out for you to get started with, almost all of them are free or at least very low cost and best of all require only a 1-time setup before paying dividents.

  1. Your Blog and A Sales Process
  2. Social Networks
  3. Social Documents
  4. Social Directories
  5. Social Bookmarks
  6. Social Desktops
  7. A Consistent Social Profile
  8. Your Mobile Desktop
  9. A Smartphone
  10. Online and Offline Event Marketing Activities

A decent smartphone today gives you the opportunity to do almost everything you had to do on your home or office desktop WITH your customers and in REAL TIME.  Find out how all 10 fit together in this video.

Watch The Video:

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