4 Steps To Mobile Social Media Success

4 Rinse and Repeat Steps for Perpetual Mobile Social Media Marketing Success

Description: This video could be the first in the course, but I save it for next to last.  There are only 4 real steps to the my Mobile Social Media Marketing Process…

and here they are:

  • Open
  • Install
  • Connect
  • Capture and Create

I’m assuming you’ve got a business and a smartphone and want more business and free time.  Follow the steps in this video and and repeat them as part of your daily business activities.

That’s the key.

I don’t want you do to anything more than you’re already doing, just capture the live and real time interaction you have with your market.  Capture is with your mobile phone and create content that connects and engages new and existing customers on the Social Networks.

Create relationships, build friendships, get involved.

… and watch the traffic come in to your blog and existing sales process.

Watch The Video:

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