My 10 Money Spokes

videosIn MySmallBiz Map I covered my “hub and spoke” marketing process and introduced the notion of “Money Spokes”. The main idea behind these Money Spokes being…. More Spokes is better than 1 Spoke!

I still see small business owners, independent professional, coaches, speakers and consultants with wheels that only have a spoke or two. That doesn’t make for a real sturdy business ride… or a business that will last long as it goes over the business bumps we all run in to.

I use 10 Money Spokes in MySmallBiz so I wanted to share what we’re doing to create long term consistent and automated revenue streams. I did one video…. but of course it turned into a complete series of videos that you can watch and learn from now.

My Money Spokes – Watch The Video Tutorials

Each video is only a couple minutes long and all you need to get started is a free campus pass.

Watch the videos and then think about how many Money Spokes you can add to your business.

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