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New stats from Marin Software paint an interesting picture for Mobile Social Media Marketers..

Google’s share of clicks from mobile devices increasing by 132 percent between January and December of last year and a “State of Mobile Search Advertising in the US” report found that ad budgets increased at an even faster rate, with advertisers increasing their share of search budget on mobile devices from 3.4 percent to 8.7 percent during the year, a jump of 156 percent.

What was the reason for all the excitement?

. the dramatic increase in smartphone and tablet penetration.

The new prediction is that “25 percent of all paid search clicks will come from mobile – that is a staggering number,” according to Marin.

Think about that for a second as you go about your regular marketing activities.. One quarter of all your search traffic will be coming from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet!

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Factbrowser says March 29, 2012

According to that same report, by December 2012 25% of Google’s paid search clicks could come from mobile devices!

We track all the latest mobile stats and studies at Factbrowser

Hopefully you find more useful research to support your strategy!

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