Next Time Your Thinking About Social Media Conversions

Consider this latest infographic from Shopify who releases some interesting stats from all the traffic and conversions they tracked in their online shopping cart service.

According to Shopify…

It’s interesting to note that Shopify analyzed 37 million social visits to its client stores, and found that those led to 529,000 total ecommerce sales for 2013. Given that Shopify sold $1.7 billion worth of goods in 2013, and that the survey covered data gathered from 90,000 online storefronts, that’s not a huge amount of money derived from social channels. But there are some key caveats to consider, the biggest being that many merchants don’t invest much in social or use it as a sales channel at all in fact.

As for what does work in social media commerce, Facebook is still at the top of the heap in terms of converting social shares to ecommerce dollars. FB was responsible for 63 percent of all social media visits to Shopify stores in 2013, or a total of 23.3 million, and around 85 percent of all orders made following social visits came from FB, too. Polyvore surprisingly generates the highest average order value of any social site, and Instagram is high, too. Both have higher average orders than Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Instagram is doing well despite the fact that clickable links are accessible only via an account’s biography. Facebook’s conversion rate rules, however, with 1.85 percent of visits converting to sales.

The most interesting stat from the article in TechCrunch  for me was that  “the biggest being that many merchants don’t invest much in social or use it as a sales channel at all in fact”

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