Mobile Social Marketing With Skype

Face to Face or Ear To Face

Description: When I first started selling there were only a couple ways to reach out to customers, you were either face to face or on the phone – the dreaded cold call!

Talking to real people is a lost art that is making a big comeback.


Social Media and Mobile Smartphones.

For many the reason for a “cold call” on the phone was to book a physical appointment – the sale was local.   Today the advent of the extended social network is global, adding the visual component to the traditional phone call allows skype to fill a big gap.   At home, office of on your mobile smartphone you now have a connection to your full social network.

Take advantage of it!  Better yet, the contacts you have in your social networks are available to you in you skype client.  Expect Microsoft to completely integrate Skype in all of its clients over the next 3-6 months.

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