Big Traffic With Scribd Documents

100,000 visitor views in a year from posting PDF versions of my content on the Scribd Social Document sharing site!

Description: Scribd traffic is real.   Scribd is a social document sharing site that distributes you content for you to everyone elses social network.

While it’s not specifically a mobile marketing application the fact that is a Social Site that is connected to all the major social networks you should take advantage of it.  What you read on Scribd as well as what you add to Scribd is shared.  In the last year my personal PDF documents have generated over 100,000 views plus countless traffic from sites that have embedded my documents.

This is another example of how content can be used in your Social marketing efforts.

Here’s another example of how these social sites are integrated… I was reading a document on Scribd and look what happened on my Twitter account….. which posted to my WordPress Blog.

Watch The Video:

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