Generate Traffic With Your PowerPoint Slides

Share your PowerPoint presentations to generate a ton of targeted traffic.

Description: Slideshare is much like Scribd – except it focuses on Slide Presentations.

Open a Slideshare account today.

You can start using immediately to:

  • Upload your presentations with links back to your site!
  • Research your competitors
  • Research your market
  • Enhance your personal education
  • Distribute your presentation
  • Connect your social networks to every presentation

Make sure to add strategic links back to your landing pages in every presentation you upload.   Remember it’s about connecting, engaging and educating your potential customers, Slideshare makes it easy.

Also as a quick hint, these same presentations can be used as videos on Youtube!  Just add your narration to the slide presentation, The Windows Live Essentials Movie Maker app makes it easy to upload directly to your Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Watch The Video:

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