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How To Get Started Online – WordPress Basics

Description: It used to be really hard building web sites….

No it can be don in a matter of minutes!

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If you have time and want to learn about how to use the basic WordPress software found with any hosting account you’ll love this video.  When you’re just getting started and want to avoid that overwhelming feeling new technology can bring, WordPress  and this video tutorial will put you to ease.

It’s a full 1 hour and 10 minutes covering all the WordPress basics from installation, plugins and themes to pages and posts.  Step by step you’ll be taken through every aspect of setting you your own WordPress blog and starting to post on a regular basis.

A properly configured WordPress Blog is the hub to any successful online business and this is where to start.

Duration: 71 Minutes

Resources: Here are links to the resources mentioned in the videos.

Get Hosting | Build Your List | Register A Domain | Take Payments | Track Your Visitors | Broadcast Radio

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Additional Resources:  WordPress Themes | Setup A Blog Service | WordPress Plugins

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