Stay Customer Facing When Blogging With WordPress

WordPress Focused Marketers Spend Less Time With Their Customers!

I know it’s tough.   You are by yourself, starting or trying to run your business and WordPress stuff keeps coming up.

What should you do?  Spend time managing the look and feel of your Radio Show?  Perhaps you hear about a new billing system or membership plugin that all the other coaches, speakers, consultants and marketers are using that does just about everything you need done.

… all it will take is a week of your time getting setup and running the way you want right?

After 20 years online I’ve seen my fair share of technology time wasters and WordPress is one of them (it doesn’t have to be).

Today’s Podcast serves as a simple reminder when you get up each day or morning, thinking about where you should spend your most valuable asset – your time!  Listen in.

Stay Customer Facing When Blogging With WordPress

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