The Truth About WordPress Hosting

Does Your Hosting Company Teach You How To Use and Build Your Business?

Most Web Hosting Companies have trouble marketing their own business, so how could they possibly help you with your small business.  To make things worse they’re teaching you things THAT stop you from marketing your business…

Let me give you a quick example.  Did you know there’s probably a limit on the number of emails you can send out every hour – and you don’t even know it.   Think about it; the server you are on is setup to minimize support issues for them not optimize it for your business.   I’ll be your web host isn’t even using a proper Autoresponder to market their own business, in fact they’ve probably never sold anything online other than cheap hosting!

Read on to get the full story on how you can stop your web host from preventing your success online and what top small business owners, (fellow Internet Marketers and my customers) like Marlon Sanders,  Jason Potash, Joe Vitale, Yank The Nitro Guys, and more are doing…

You Are About To Learn:

  • How your current host is making it harder to market your online business and what you can do about it.
  • Some dirty secrets of the web hosting game that your web host will probably never reveal to you…secrets that are costing you up 62% of your profit.
  • 5 things you don’t need when searching for a new web host – and 5 reasons to change web hosts immediately!
  • Why changing web hosts is much simpler and easier than your current host wants you to believe – and how to switch effortlessly.
  • A complete checklist of what top marketers look for in their web hosting accounts – shouldn’t you demand the same features?

From: James Maduk
Location: WP Only Hosting
Subject: The Only Managed Blog Host You’ll Ever Need

Dear Blogger,

==> If you’ve read or heard the stories of people earning gobs of money with their online businesses…

==> If you’ve read the eBooks, listened to the the TeleClasses and been to the expensive seminars….

==> If all this technology overwhelms you and just can’t seem to find the right place to start…

Then this letter is going to open your eyes.

In fact, it may scare the crap out of you.

First…Why Should You Believe Me?

Okay, I’m a little uncomfortable with what I’m about to do — it’s a little “over the top” to brag one’s accomplishments up in a few short paragraphs.

I wish I had this information ten years ago.  I was stunned. I was again reminded of how little I know about online marketing. James talked about BLOGS—-I had never even heard the term—and about radio shows heard over the web—which I had heard about but didn’t know how to do. Those two ideas alone were eye-openers.  I would have made more money sooner, had less headaches, would have been flamed less, and would have a lot happier memories to tell you about.Mr. Fire – Joe Vitale

With your permission, I simply want to establish that I do know what I’m talking about…

My name is James Maduk. I have been selling online since 1996 ( was my first site and you can check the domain record if you don’t believe me) and I’ve been earning my living online since 2000.

25 years of selling experience has given me the unique ability to take vast amounts of complex information – often conflicting – and boil it down to the core essence of what works.  That’s why you’ll find articles I’ve written at, and thousands of individuals and small business owners that have learned my Hub and Spoke Marketing System listening to my Weekly Radio Show, Seminars, Teleclasses or 100 web sites.

I’ve personally published and continue to sell 42 Internet Marketing Training courses for Small Business with titles like: Hub and Spoke Marketing Revealed, Get Ranked First On Google, Blogging Secrets, Pick The Right Niche, Build My First WebSite, Sales Page Secrets, How To Create Multimedia E-books, and 52 Products in 52 Days to name a few.

The result is over 1000 Internet Marketing Video/Audio/Screen tutorials in the largest collection of Internet Marketing Videos Available Online.

And like you when I a beginner I had NO IDEA what was really involved in starting, building and growing an online business.   it didn’t take too long to before I became convinced that the typical web hosting companies had NO IDEA either

I was determined to fix the problem.

Can Your Blog Host Teach You How To Succeed At Internet Marketing?

Here’s one of the scariest facts about Internet Marketing today…

Some estimates say that as many as 95% of all new Online Marketers GIVE UP less that 1 year into their online business.

I’m not talking about the Get Rich Quick crowd, I’m talking about legitimate small business owners, coaches, consultants, independent professionals and  individuals who want to turn their passion and experiences into a second source of income.

Has this already happened to you? How many times have your tried to get started with a web site, posting to a BLOG or purchasing expensive software and services after reading fancy sales letters only to discover weeks later that you haven’t really accomplished anything?

Why did that happen?

It’s because you’ve been running around to get the answers to all your questions from a 100 CONFLICTING sources and then struggling to implement them when you have no support and no one to talk to when it you try to get things going with your web host.

Why This Happens And What You Must Do Now

The problem occurs mostly because your web host doesn’t understand Internet Marketing or Selling Online.

And the task is more difficult when you’re new to Internet Marketing and just starting out because you have to depend on the expertise of others to help you learn what works and what doesn’t – QUICKLY to start earning any income.

You must find a web host that IS ALREADY SUCCESSFUL Selling Online and understands the how to teach Small Businesses exactly what they need to become an Internet Marketing success.

Don’t let your web host play the “bait and switch” game with you on this point. It’s too important to your business.

Why The Big “Web Hosting” Companies Are Not The Best Solution…

In Fact, They May Be The Worst!

I’m not going to “name names” here, because that’s just not nice. And it’s not necessary. I’m just going to say this: They will tell you they have full-time staffs dedicated to technical support, and that’s true. But they’re the worst possible choice for hosting your Blogs, Membership Sites, Sales pages and for sending out bulk email. Here’s why…

Because as hard as they may work at “keeping the servers running”, and as good as their intentions may be – they “don’t have a clue” how to teach you how to Blog with AND help you sell online.  Those big traditional web hosting providers account for more than 90% of all Small Business domains hosted in North America.

  • Stop and think about that: 9 out of 10 small businesses are being hosted in North America are having to learn How To Use Properly AND Internet Marketing by trial and error from someone they don’t know and haven’t done business with in the past.


The Quiet Revolution Of Top Internet Marketers

It took me a while, but after 10 years and frustrated learning Internet Marketing PLUS the in and outs of hosting over 100 personal web sites I realized the truth about web hosts.

I doesn’t really matter WHO you host your web site with because… almost all of the web hosts, big and small share something in common –  your web sites are all hosted in a handful of “Data Centers”.

That’s right!  Even though there are thousands of web hosting companies to choose from….

… the physical machines your web sites are hosted on are probably next to each other in the exact same building, sharing the same resources!

Once I found this out I decided to “go private” – and created my own hosting company running the same machines in the same data centers that the “big hosting companies” were.

We’re talking the full solution, with professional-grade servers and internet connection (using “big pipe”), redundant backup systems, and a full-time staff dedicated to up-time and email deliverability.

Funny thing is that once my Internet Marketing clients, the customers that were already buying my Internet Marketing Information products and fellow marketers found out what I was doing, they wanted in too.

So I added more machines at the same hosting facilities and started offering hosting privately to my best customers.

That company became WP Only Hosting. And now, you can join the smart business owners and get the tools, information, web hosting and support you need.

Or, if you’re just starting out, you can bypass all the heartache and mistakes that others are making.

You may or may not choose to apply for an account with WP Only Hosting. It’s not for everyone. That’s okay.

Let’s look at the criteria you should use when choosing a web host, though…

James Maduk’s “My Small Biz” has been a huge element in my Internet Marketing education. In just a few months, MSBU has helped me refine my business plan, launch a successful JV partnership, optimize my websites for search engines, and install multi-media blogs. I’ve even been retained by 2 well-known authors to assist them in their web marketing.
Steve Rosenbaum

5 Things You Must Avoid When Shopping For Hosting

  1. Don’t just shop for the cheapest web host. You often won’t get the features and access to the support you need in order to market your internet business the way it has to be to start, build and grow your internet business successfully.
  2. On the other hand, don’t overpay for hosting either. Usually it’s a LOCAL host out there that will charge you thousands and thousands of dollars for services, you should have been able to purchase for me are hundreds of dollars.
  3. Buy from an actual host, and not just a reseller account. Why is this important? Because if you’re buying from a reseller. You literally could be buying your web hosting from a teenager who operates out of the bedroom is parents house. Does that sound like a strong foundation to build your business on?
  4. Don’t buy hosting from a web host that doesn’t understand the Internet marketing business. There’s a big difference between knowing about web hosting, servers, IP addresses and all that jazz… and knowing about Internet marketing, and what it takes to succeed as a business person online. You want a web host that understands both of these worlds.
  5. Don’t buy hosting from a web host that doesn’t include the Internet Marketing training and support that you’ll need to actually build your business online.   Are they earning a substantial portion of their income by marketing real products and services online using the exact same processes that you need to use.

The Two Critical Elements You Must Have from Your Web Host

First, you need a web host that understands Internet marketing. This is critically important, because Internet Marketers do things differently than what traditional web hosts expect.  So different that you might be prone to either shut you down because they think you’re spamming (when in fact, you’re not), or when they get surprised by the amount of traffic you bring to their servers.

It’s a dirty little secret of hosting companies that even though many companies offer you enormous amounts of bandwidth when they sign you up, most of them realize that 99% of their users will never get anywhere near their allotted bandwidth.

Thus when you really do start seeing traffic flood into your web site, those hosts will shut you down, because they simply don’t have the resources to handle a site like yours.   Just to give you an example that one of the worlds most popular web hosts actually LIMIT the number of emails you can send each hour to 3000 emails!

Now maybe this is not a problem for you today… but this is where your business planning comes into play.

How big is your customer list going to be tomorrow?

What about six months, or a year from now?

Do you really want to invest all that time in a web host, only to have your site yanked off line at the worst possible moment-all because you were successful?

The second thing you must get from your web host is Internet Marketing Training – Step-by-Step organized information that answers the Internet Marketing questions THAT will come up as you start to build your internet business.

That’s where the possibilities really start to get interesting…

Designing The Perfect Hosting Account

Let’s try an experiment. Let’s try to design the Internet marketer’s perfect web hosting account. What features would include? How about features like this:

  • A web site design system built into your hosting account, that allows you to create effective squeeze pages, BLOGS or membership sites … with the click of a button. Why should you have to pay someone to design a simple sales page or mini-site? You don’t.
  • Automation systems to eliminate time-consuming tasks that need of your workday. Things like automated sales and product delivery, lead generation, e-mail follow-up, and customer support. Most important of all, all of these technologies should linked together so that they work as a team, and you don’t have to figure out how to integrate them.
  • Promotion tools that help you generate floods of targeted traffic, leads, and prospects to your web site. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. If you don’t have the visitors coming to your web site every day, you have no hope of turning your web site into profits.
  • The ability to add domains and web sites to your account without having to call customer service, and without wasting your valuable time. In fact, what would be perfect is if you could have an idea for a domain name, quickly log onto your account, and create that site in just a few minutes.
  • Super-reliable, rock-solid e-mail delivery. This is one of the hidden hazards of the Internet marketing world today. Some estimates say that over 50% of all e-mails simply don’t get delivered on the Internet. Spam filters are stopping enormous amounts of legitimate e-mail from making it to your inbox. Your web host should have a diligent staff dedicated to making sure you have the highest e-mail delivery of any web host on the Internet.

Claim Your Place At The Top Of The Internet Marketing World

Most Internet Marketers have missed this most basic step in creating their own plan for victory – where they host their websites.   But theirs even something much more important to consider

Ask Yourself If Your Web Host will show you specifically how to

  1. Get Started The Right Way The First Time?
  2. Force Search Engines To Shower My Web Sites With Targeted Traffic?
  3. Create, Distribute and Publish My Own High Profit Information Products
  4. Start A Newsletter and Craft Compelling Content?
  5. Learn Hub and Spoke and Email Marketing Secrets?
  6. Seduce Your Prospects And Empty Their Wallets?
  7. Generate Passive and Recurring Automated Income Streams?

If those questions make you feel uncomfortable – they should!

You should be uncomfortable, because over 90% of all web hosts cannot claim positive answers to those questions.

There is a web host that can, however…

The Internet Marketer’s Webhost – By Design

Hi, my name is David Frey and I’m the author of the Small Business Marketing Bible. I don’t usually endorse other people’s products, but in this case I’m making an exception because James has created a very unique course that I think every internet marketer should consider purchasing.   And lastly, James gives a very unique perspective on how you can generate traffic and make money. After all, as a marketer that’s were in the business of doing, making money. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to mess around with new technology that isn’t going to make me money.  Its worth every penny of your investment, and more.  David Frey –

I designed WP Only Hosting from the ground up for my own Internet Marketing needs – and then added a complete, tested and proven marketing tools and sales process!

Our servers are hosted away from the same trouble servers like Hostgator, Bluehost etc.  Our dedicated super fast connection to the Internet, uses the same Hosting Control Panels and server software they use though.

I bought private licenses to E-commerce Automation and Visitor Tracking  software – the same rock-solid AutoResponder software used by top Internet Marketers and employed full-time staff who do nothing but work on making sure your business is running right.

But I Didn’t Stop There

I Included access to my entire library of Internet Marketing Video Tutorials – The same material that I sell on my other web sites!

Now You Can Get Instant Access to Over 1000 Internet Marketing Video/Audio/Screen Capture Tutorials that teach you everything you need to know about Internet Marketing

Sure you can purchase  your own server, with your own private block of IP addresses, and spend your days trying to configure and manage the complex technical stuff…   and you’d still have to read hundreds of eBooks, listen to every fly-by-night pitch fest disguised as a TeleClasses BEFORE you attempt to organize and apply all the information you’ve gathered.

Oh yeah – I forgot about the thousands of dollars you’d have to invest attending big expensive seminars and waiting for the latest home study kit to show up at your door.

If all this technology and information overwhelms you and just can’t seem to find the right place to start…

Do what so many successful Internet Marketers have already done – move your hosting to our servers here at WP Only Hosting.

Get Started The Right Way

  • Learn How to Build a “Hub and Spoke” Internet Marketing System that will leave you free to do business how you want and when you want!
  • Discover The Real Way To Use Keyword Brainstorming For Your Web Business. You’ll get the truth about “niche marketing”, “theme marketing”, “throw away web sites” and “Adsense NonSense”. Learn what’s important upfront and you don’t need to worry about “learning from costly mistakes” later.
  • Get New Customers – More Commissions. It doesn’t matter if you have a product/service of your own. You’ll learn how to “Hub and Spoke” your way to a successful internet business even if you starting without your own product to promote.
  • Magnetically Attract The Right High Level Partners. Get ready for a slew of highly qualified publicity with endorsement requests, media interviews, and speaking invitations.

Force Search Engines To Shower Your Sites With Free Traffic

  • Learn Optimized Press Release Marketing, Blog and RSS Traffic Tactics. Learn how to use simple strategies like, Trackback Marketing, Meta RSS Feeds and Podcasting. Before you know it you’ll have Instant Google Rankings, Instant Yahoo Listings (no you don’t have to pay to get listed in, and the traffic your sites deserve.
  • Learn The Secret “Site Mesh TM” Formula. Power your Google page rank higher and enjoy the benefits proper “Search Engine Optimization” brings. Get this part right and you site will act like a powerful magnet to iron filings!
  • Learn “White Hat” Search Engine Optimization. Never suffer from banned sites when you use these quick easy and techniques that catapult your rankings higher.
  • Use Simple Direct Response Mini Web Sites. Turn your personal network of sites into a web of compelling content for every search engine and spike your traffic and rankings through the roof.

Create, Distribute and Publish Your Own Information Products

  • Apply The Fastest Information Product Creation Strategy. Us this simple technique and you’ll generate so many products – your biggest challenge will be deciding which one you want to sell!
  • Become and Author Without Writing. Discover what I learned about turning out ‘ready to sell’ products in only minutes without writing a single word.
  • Get Big Returns On Your Time Invested. Simple elements added to all of your information products show you how to create a “a multiple passive recurring product revenue stream”.
  • Unlock The Keys to Multimedia For Marketers Find our how to create your own inexpensive private studio. I’ll even show you how to broadcast your very own TV or Radio Station with FREE software! Duplicate yourself and create an avalanche of repeat and new sales from every product you create.

Start a Newsletter and Craft Compelling Content

  • Sell More Services And Products, Online And Offline. Your newsletter dramatically increases your credibility, making it real easy to sell ANY product or service you promote, including those of others in which you have a stake.
  • Become Established As An Expert In Any Field. Attract significantly more and better-qualified clients who are willing and able to buy from you.
  • Build A Loyal FAN Base. Create rabid promoters who are ready to hire you, buy from you and create more fans for you. They will literally build your business or practice FOR you!
  • Use Blog Subscription Secrets. This tip is revolutionizing permission marketing. It’s a simple Idea that changed the way I looked at subscriber “opt-ins”. I’m so pumped about this one that I even have a new piece of software being created to cash in on it.
  • Enjoy The Privileges Of Being A Recognized Publisher. Before you know it you’ll find other great writers asking to work for you, advertisers begging for favorable mentions in exposure in your publication, and complimentary invites to industry conferences and events.

Learn Hub and Spoke Email Marketing And List Building Secrets

  • Use Very Powerful “Inside Pressure” Techniques. Used ethically, you’ll almost guarantee yourself a minimum number of prospects that want to leave your list. Visitors are compelled to act on your offers.
  • Apply Neglected Offline Tactics. These free or low cost tactics can be used by anyone to drive even more potential subscribers to any website.
  • Discover Why Hub and Spoke Marketers Have Such Large Qualified Email Lists. Oddly enough, if you ONLY use the first of 7 keys I teach you’ll be so far ahead of your competition, it will make your head spin.
  • Learn How To Train Your List! Understand this and you’ll realize that most marketers are training their list by giving away freebies….the worst thing you can do. Quit tripping yourself up and learn how to condition your email list for your success.

Seduce The Mind and Expand Your Wallet (Or Purse)

  • Seduce the Mind. Learn the 10 Key Psychological ingredients that drive human behaviors and how to include them in any web site.
  • Discover The Real Secret To 3rd Party Proof. And I’m not talking about jamming you pages with fluffy testimonials. I’ll show you how to leverage a Psychological Truth to explode the number of sales you get from any page.
  • Find Out How To Overcome Stalls and Sales Objections Before Your Prospects Visit Your Web Site. This one section will shock you when you realize what top marketers aren’t telling you about their sales pages.
  • Learn The Five Unasked Questions Every Visitor Has When They Visit Your Site. Learn how to answer these questions of the subconscious and you’ll convert a majority of your prospects!

Generate Passive and Recurring Income Streams

  • Learn Product Creation and Pricing Secrets. Learn a simple process that earns passive and recurring revenue for you and you affiliates with Hub and Spoke Web Sites.
  • Start Converting Traffic into Hot Prospects and Repeat Customers because you’ve learned the right way to build trust, inform and educate online with “Sales Page Secrets”.
  • Build A Complete Library Of Money Making Digital Assets and Services – that earn passive and recurring revenue for you and your affiliates with “single take” Multimedia.
  • Completely Automate Your Business – So you can spend 20% of your time working and 80% playing.

A Only Host That Understands Internet Marketing

Try asking your current web host to teach your how to find JV Partners, host a Webinar or Teleclass, create and distribute PodCasts, write squeeze page copy for your upcoming product launch and setup your Blog to take all the payments online!

They will have no idea what you’re talking about.

That’s not the case with a FullContact Site. We Manage, Upgrade and Maintain Every Aspect of Your Blog AND Teach You Everything you need to know about Internet Marketing.  With over 1000 Internet Marketing tutorials available today and new videos being added daily, you have instant access to the help and answers you need – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are you getting this specialized information and support today? Isn’t your business important enough to deserve the answers to your questions?

All The Tools None Of The Hassle

Did you ever wonder if there was a web host that really understands the work you’re trying to do in the Internet marketing world, and built a hosting service that was designed to support you instead of frustrate you?

When you let WP Only Host and Manage Your Blog, you get all the tools an Internet Marketer needs – with none of the hassle you get from regular web hosts. (Just try explaining to your “regular” host why you need to send tens-of-thousands of emails every day…)

To truly run your business successfully, you need a web host that will show you how to design your web sites, automate your marketing processes, run your autoresponders, sell and deliver your products… from a single source.

Using a “Regular” Web Host?  Might As Well Kill 100 Birds With One Stone.

James Maduk provides what the best universities and business schools still don’t – a solid training on what really works online and why it really works. His simple, proven approach to selling and marketing online is priceless and will teleport you months (possibly years) ahead of where you are today. Take it, learn from it, and stake your claim online. Paul Colligan –

Shopping for a web host is one of the most important things you can do when building your business online. For some reason it seems that most people don’t have 10 years of online experience or time to figure this out.  On top of that it’s because it seems so complicated, and most people aren’t sure what to look for anyway.

But what happens to your business if you don’t pick the right web host?

You don’t want to spend 10 years or thousands of $$$$ with trial and error to find out what really works.  Perhaps you’ve already got a product of your own and just need to start marketing sales… only to have your host boot you off their system because they think you’re a spammer, or worse – cause you to lose sales because your site is constantly down.

So what are your options?

The Only All-In-One Internet Marketing Friendly Managed Hosting Solution… Ever

It’s okay to get a little bit excited right now.

It’s OK to start believing that you may have found the perfect Blog Hosting solution for your online marketing business.

Because you have.

You’ve just discovered a new web host that brings you the most complete set of tools, plug-in scripts, features, and customized systems ever presented for Internet marketers.

And while it might be hard to believe, this is all possible at a very affordable and fair price. Less than what you might spend on a single latte each day.

Why Managed Hosting from FullContact Is The Premiere Choice For Internet Marketers Like You

It should be fairly obvious that I host my own 100 Plus Sites so I can rely on my web host.  There’s now way I’m going to screw around with an amateur web hosting setup.

So from a purely technical standpoint here’s a brief look at some of the features you can expect from your new MySmallBiz Hosting account…

CPANEL – The Industry Standard Web Control Panel

While some web hosts will simply write you some space on their server, and that’s the end of that… we take a different approach.

It all begins with your Web control panel, which is a completely visual, intuitive system giving you full control of your web hosting account.

Unlimited Disk Space On Your Server gives you all the room you need to hold video and audio files, software programs for download, your digital products, all your web pages, and whatever else you might need to store your web site.

You also get…

You can take care of 99% of all your webmaster needs without picking up a telephone or sending an e-mail. Just login to your Web control account make a few clicks of your mouse, and the changes you need are done. You can:

  • Design your web site.
  • Create, modify, or delete e-mail accounts.
  • Manage your webspace.
  • Automate your web site.
  • Install plug-and-play scripts.
  • Check your web statistics.
  • Put up lead capture forms.
  • Add or delete domains
  • More Disk Space and Transfer Bandwidth And All The Resources You Need!
  • All the bandwidth you need. That means you can deliver all the data from your web site every month. That’s more than enough to run a complete multimedia web site.
  • Host multiple domain names. Once your account is approved, you can add as many new domain names to your account as you want. You can host them as different web sites, and you don’t pay extra for the new domains like you do with some web hosting companies. Plus you can manage all of your domains from the same simple Web control panel.
  • You get unlimited subdomains. You can have as many subdomains as you like, and you can point each of them to a different folder in your web hosting account.
  • No FTP required. Your web hosting account comes with a powerful file management tool. So you can create, move and delete your files at will-right from your browser. You can also use our file management tool to upload files from your computer. If you need to quickly fix one of your web pages, you can even add it your web pages by hand on the screen without ever opening at FTP software.
  • Built-in antivirus software. Viruses are a very real threat on the Internet today; we’ve got you covered. Your server automatically comes with virus protection software that scans all your incoming e-mail, and if it finds a virus he deletes it before the virus ever makes it to your computer. Plus, our web server will send you an e-mail message warning you about the problem.
  • Unlimited e-mail autoresponders. Your system comes with a complete smart autoresponder system, with personalization, sequencing, and all the features you come to expect. You can set up as many all responders as you want-for no extra charge.
  • Web-based e-mail accounts. Now you can read, manage, reply, and compose your e-mail. Right from the Web. That means you can use any computer with Internet access, anywhere in the world you happen to be.
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts. Inside your personalized Web control panel. You can set up, modify, delete, and configure an unlimited number of e-mail accounts. That includes GOP accounts and aliases that redirect messages. Anywhere you wish them to go, even if it’s a different domain or a different server.
  • Customizable Spam Blocker. You can finally stop worrying about spam. The powerful e-mail filters built into your Web control panel. We used any criteria you want, and watch all that annoying spam disappear from your business in box.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases. With some web servers, you get limited, restricted, or even zero access to MySQL databases. With MySmallBiz Web Hosting account, you get to create as many databases as you need. You’ll also get the most powerful database management software available, so you can control your databases like a pro using an easy, simple visual interface.
  • Full access to your cgi-bin. Of course, you can set up, configure, and run any scripts that will run on a Linux operating system. This includes CGI, Perl, XML, and PHP. Plus, we’ll give you access to secret resource where you can get scripts written exclusively for you, dirt cheap.
  • Total access web site web site traffic statistics. Your account comes with three Web statistic packages already set up, that will tell you in minute detail everything he did know about your traffic. You’ll know how many visitors you have, where they’re coming from, and how they navigate through your sites-this can be the key to your making piles of profit.
  • Secure servers. You also get all of the secure server space you need to host your order forms. As you know, purchasers online are very sensitive to weather information is secure; you’ll see your sales numbers move upward when you put your order forms unsecured pages. You may even, if you wish, install your own secure certificate.
  • Profitable error pages. With your new a private power hosting account. You can customize the display of your error pages. You can set those air pages out so that not only are they no longer ugly, they can actually make you a profit.
  • Complete backup and monitoring systems. Every server and our facility is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure complete reliability. You can also back up your own server with a simple point-and-click system that lets you create an instant online copy of all of your databases, scripts, web site files, etc.
  • You always have complete control. This is not some wimpy, weak, Ltd. Web hosting account. Your account is under your complete control; you can modify your mind types, change or Apache handlers, create new FTP accounts, and run cron jobs.

And much much more

Marketing Tools, Scripts and Resources With Fantastico

James, has something for every small business owner who wants to explode their profits online. Any fool can MARKET online, but it takes brains and skill to close the sale AND GET PAID. You have both in spades. Kevin Donlin –

If you want to build content sites, keep people interested, and keep them coming back to your web site, what you want is an interactive web site.

WP Only Hosting certainly gives you the ability to keep your sites interactive.

James delivered in spades. James is the master of teaching companies to sell in an online world.  Your insights into the key success factors for entrepreneurs are right on the mark. As an engineer/entrepreneur involved in selling products and services to Fortune 500 and global 2000 customers I have had to learn the “hard way” how to market and sell to a wide array of customers and stakeholders. I only wish your program was available seven years ago when I started.  John Downing – Training City


Instant Blogs and Membership Sites

  • -slick way to set up a blog, hasslefree.

Access To A Complete Library of Internet Marketing Tutorials!

Here’s a Partial List of Courses Available Today

250 Page Workbook – Hub and Spoke Marketing Manual (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Workbook
  • Page Count: 250 Pages 120,000 words

Course 2 – Secrets My Mom Never Told Me about Internet Marketing (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Audio
  • Number of Interviews: 75 audio files
  • Course Length: 4 Hours

Course 3 – How to Use The Hub and Spoke Marketing System (Value $397.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Classes in Course: 135 Classes
  • Course Length: 14 Hours

Course 4 – How to Get Started Online (Value $397.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Classes in Course: 6 Classes
  • Course Length: 14 Hours

Course 5 – How to Research Your Business and Pick the Right Niche (Value $77.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Classes in Course: 20 Classes
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 6 – Step by Step Videos Show You the Easy Way To Build Your Own Web Sites (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Interviews: 27 Classes
  • Course Length: 6 Hours

Course 7 – How to Start and Publish A Profitable Newsletter (Value $47.00)

  • Lesson Format: PDF Manual
  • Number of Videos: 0
  • Course Length: 150 Pages

Course 8 – Listen To Live Question and Answer Sessions From Past Open Coaching Calls (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Audio
  • Number of Audio: 24 Classes
  • Course Length: 27 Hours

Course 9 – Eavesdrop on Marketing Experts by Listening to Small Business Heroes Interviews with Top Marketers (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Audio
  • Number of Interviews: 40 Interviews with Top Marketers
  • Course Length: 50 Hours

Course 10 – How to Create, Author, Edit and Sell Multimedia E-books (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Sessions in Course: 40 Videos
  • Course Length: 6 Hours

Course 11 – How to Create, Package and Produce As Many Information Products As You Want (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Sessions in Course: 8 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 12 – How to Create, Edit and Sell Screen Captures For Profit (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Whiteboard, Audio, Screen Capture
  • Number of Course Videos: 20 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 13 – How To Create Multimedia Products with Live Events and Online TeleClasses (Value $397.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 30 Videos
  • Course Length: 8 Hours

Course 14 – How to Use Joint Ventures to Get All the Traffic You Need, When You Need It (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 9 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 15 – How to Get Ranked First On Google with Natural Search Engine Optimization (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 22 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 16 – How to Blog for Profit (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 18 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 17 – How to Build A Huge Profitable Email List Fast (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 15 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 18 – How to Convert Browsers into Buyers Using Online Psychology (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 12 Videos
  • Course Length: 4 Hours

Course 19 – How to Get More Traffic Using Free Publicity (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 3 Audios
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 20 – How to Dramatically Increase your Sales Using Offline Marketing (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Manual
  • Number of Course Videos: 0 Videos
  • Course Length: 70 Page PDF

Course 21 – How to Sell Using Conversational Selling Skills (Value $127.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 18 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 22 – How to Read Faces And Influence People Using Body Forms (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 8 Videos
  • Course Length: 3 Hours

Course 23 – How to Handle Any Sales Or Marketing Objection (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 3 Videos Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 24 – How to Marketing Your Product or Service Even In The Toughest Markets (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 3 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 25 – How to Setup Your Business To Take Payments Online (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 15 Videos
  • Course Length: 3 Hours

Course 26 – How to Automate Your Sales and Marketing With E-business Automation Software (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 20 Videos
  • Course Length: 3 Hours

Course 27 – Everything You Need To Know About Installing, Configuring and Using Blogging Software (Value $197.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 21 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 28 – How to Write Email Copy And Build Your Business With Powerful Autoresponder Email Sequences (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 15 Videos
  • Course Length: 4 Hours

Course 29 – How Build Relationships and Qualify Prospects With Mini-Courses (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 30 Videos
  • Course Length: 4 Hours

Course 30 – How to Write and Format Compelling Sales Pages That Convert More Customers (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 16 Videos
  • Course Length: 4 Hours

Course 31 – How to Monetize Your Email List (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 3 Hours

Course 32 – How to Avoid The Pitfalls of Market Your Business with Email (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 33 – How to Sell More by using Online Infomercials and Video On Your Sales Pages (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 34 – How to Create, Edit and Market Your Online Videos (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 35 – How to Become A Leader In Your Market and Improve Your Branding Using Video In Your Blog Posts (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 36 – How to Earn a Full-Time living as A Blogger (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 37 – How to Use Your Online Personality to Sell More – Faster (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 38 – How to Manage Your Web Master (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 39 – How to Use Direct to Desktop Marketing (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 10 Videos
  • Course Length: 2 Hours

Course 40 – How to Research, Start and Profit From Your Very Own Membership Site (Value $47.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 6 Videos
  • Course Length: 3 Hours

Course 41 – How to Improve Your Sales And Marketing With Easy To Create and Publish PodCasts (Value $27.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 1 Video
  • Course Length: 30 Minutes

Course 42 – Learn The Right Way To Use Adsense And Monetizing Your Existing Traffic (Value $27.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 3 Videos
  • Course Length: 1 Hour

Course 43 – How To Earn Money Without A Job (Value $97.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Whiteboard Video and Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 15 Videos
  • Course Length: 5 Hours

Course 44 – How I Built an Automated Membership Site In Under 3 Hours That Generated A 6 Figure Income With Free Open Source Free Software Value $297.00)

  • Lesson Format: Screen Capture Video, Audio
  • Number of Course Videos: 22 Videos
  • Course Length: 3 Hours

NOTE: This is only a partial list of complete courses.  Your membership includes access to every New Course, PodCast, Interview, Screen Capture, Video, Case Study, MP3 File, Interview, Article, Discussion, Web Link, PDF, Resource and Software Download That I Create or acquire rights to… See MySmallBiz Videos for all the courses.

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