Watch How Kids Consume Content

Teens may text. but Kids are Swiping.

Take a look at some recent stats:

[message_box type=”note” icon=”yes” close=”Close”]Nielsen reports that about 70% of children (12 and younger) use tablets on a regular basis, where parents already own them.  This is an increase of 10% ownership of tablets from mid-December 2011 to 19% in early January 2012 (Pew Internet and American Life Project) and surely will increase over the next few years.[/message_box]


What’s this mean for small business?  As the consumption of digital content shifts from PC to tablet think about how you can take advantage of mobile platforms.

  1. Are you developing content for desktop consumption or mobile consumption… OR Both?
  2. Do your WordPress web sites use Responsive Themes?
  3. Do your Joomla Membership sites use Responsive Themes?

The study goes on further to say….

[message_box type=”note” icon=”yes” close=”Close”]Over 75% of these children use them to play downloaded games but they are also used often for educational purposes (57%), use for entertainment while travelling (55%), watching television and programs (43%), while 41% of parents give them to their kids to keep them occupied at events and restaurants.[/message_box]


Getting Ready For Mobile

Are You Ready For Mobile Marketing?

Is Your Business Ready For These Mobile Consumers of Content?

How mobile are you?

How Mobile are your customers?

To find out how mobile you are take my “Are Your Thumbidextrous” test.

With the consumer growth in Social Media and Mobile Consumption it’s not just the kids you have to consider.  It’s time to learn how to run you entire mobile and social business from your mobile device.  That’s what I’m doing today and you can too when you learn these Mobile Social Media Secrets.

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