What’s a Managed WordPress Hosting BOGO?

Just thought I should give you the heads up on a previously unannounced WordPress Bonus.

Our new Worry and Headache Free – Managed WordPress hosting package is designed specifically for both…

  • Technically challenged new marketers with little or no interest in understanding all the behind the scenes stuff WordPress requires


  • Serious marketers who want don’t have the time to worry about managing their WordPress sites.

Your FullContact WordPress Site removes all the traditional technical headaches associated with marketing your business online.

If you’re new to WordPress or your sites aren’t generating the revenues you want online then you should definitely take a look at this :

=> Remove The Tech Hassles of WordPress

As the author of Blogging Secrets, and a pro blogger of 10 years my team and I have made WordPress – toolbelt and tech free!

The traditional way of using WordPress involves following multi-step install procedures, uploading, activating, configuring and tweaking complex themes, plugins & then finally getting around to adding the “right” content to your site…

until a plugin updates or you need to add the latest addon to you site when the cycle starts all over again!

FullContact saves you from this constant time and technical burden all the while teaching you how to Sell Online.

It’s one of those services that handles the two keys to a successful online business.  It saves you a heap of time and can immediately put dollars in your pocket.

Having a FullContact WordPress Site is something you’ll wish you knew about years earlier as it makes life a lot easier…

=> Get 2 WordPress Sites

For this month only I’ve included a second WordPress install with our SOLO package which means you’re getting 2 for the price of 1.

If you already have a WordPress site hosted elsewhere that’s OK, we’ll move it for you and don’t forget everyone who takes advantage of our Managed WordPress Hosting enjoy instant access to the our library of 1000 video tutorials that teach you how to sell online PLUS live WordPress and Marketing Classes.

Find Out How Deliver and Sell Courses Online In Less Than a Day …

Even If You're Pressed For Time & Hate Technology


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