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th3Playing around with WordPress, Wordbooker, WordSocial  Twitter and Facebook today, testing out some features for the new MySmallBiz Mobile course.  It’s a tough choice on which of the various options to promote.  Each software does what it was designed to do well. Problem is that’s not always what a marketer wants. 🙂

In may case I’ve setup my business so that all of the content and traffic is directed to my WordPress blog.  Whether I post from my desktop or my WP7 phone shouldn’t matter – any posts to twitter, linked in or facebook should be links back to the blog.

Twitter Tools – works great!

Wordbooker – works great – a little complicated.

Wordsocial – works great except errors for LinkedIn.

I’ll keep on testing and we’ll see what happens.  How are you setup?


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James Maduk says May 3, 2011

When a comment is posted on the web site does it get updated to Facebook?

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