WordPress.com Branding Mistakes

Description:  Are you serious about your Business?

It’s pretty easy to tell if the person/company your going to give your money too is serious about their business.

Today I received a couple emails from “Branding and Social Media Experts” asking me to read their articles and buy their stuff.  Do you have any marketing checkpoints that potential suppliers or partners have to go through before you’ll do business with them?  Are there specific things you look for when someone is a so called expert?

In my case this morning lets take a look at what I saw:

They have facebook pages so they must be social media experts right?

They have a blog so they must be branding experts right?

Wrong both of these so called experts did something blatantly wrong that still amazes me today, 10 years after Blogs became available!  Watch this quick rant and I’ll show you an easy way to determine if anyone you find online is serious about their business.

Duration: 7 Minutes

[pl_video type=”vimeo” id=”59914927″]

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