WAJ-01: 10 Steps To Earn Money Without A Job

Quick Start – Getting Around the Maps

If you haven’t already downloaded the MySmallBiz Maps – Download More Maps

Description: The Earn Money Without A Job course contains a number of Interactive PDF maps.

This quick introduction will give you a quick idea on how some interactive portions of the maps work.  Not all of the maps are interactive, so don’t be alarmed if this map is and the following map isn’t.   Remember they are meant to be visual aids and checklists as you build your online business.

While all the steps in the process are necessary, that doesn’t mean that YOU have to do all the work.  Yes Hub and Spoke marketing is about taking action and making things happen, but that taking action can also be knowing when you should be getting other people involved in you business.

You don’t have a business if you can’t walk away from it and still earn money.

The entire goal for me at the beginning is to get some small wins under your belt quickly,  so watch these videos and follow the steps to keep on the right track.

Duration: 13 Minutes

[jwplayer file=http://videos.mysmallbizu.com/earnmoney-1.flv]

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